Foundation repair

Water problems in your basement ?

It is sometimes possible to resolve the problem by changing the land slope.

However, if your underground drainage is clogged or damaged it is strongly recommanded that you change them

Facts :

Most Montreal homes built in the sixties and before have terra cotta drains, they are often cracked and filled with roots earth and other debris.    

We fix:

  • French drains
  • Cracks in the foundation (epoxy)
  • Membranes
  • Back water valves
  • Insulation
  • Carpentry

Once the work is done, we'll refresh your landscape. Interlock pavers, St- Marc cut stone alleys, (uni-pave) sod, walkways, driveways, rock gardens etc.  

Cash back:

The costs of changing your underground french drains as well as epoxy fixing of cracks in the basement and putting a membrane will usually be added to the value of your home and protect it against exessive moisture.

We are very familiar with the soils and grounds of Westmount, Hampstead, TMR, Outremont, Ville ST- Laurent, NDG and Downtown Montreal where we have many construction projects done and have a good reputation.

Note: This service is not offered alone, it must be part of a reconstruction of the landscape by our team. 


  • stone building restauration - stone building restauration
    stone building restauration
    stone building restauration

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